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Residential Projects by William A. Kelly & Company


This private residence, located in northern Westchester County, NY, is a testament to the versatility of our construction staff.

From hand-cut blue stone walls to restaurant grade kitchen equipment, this residence is on the leading edge of design flexibility.

Private Residence by William A. Kelly & Company


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Private residence by William A. Kelly & Company
  Featuring beautifully landscaped terraces, custom outdoor pool with a complete pool / guest house, this project is truly an architectural delight.

Private residence by William A. Kelly & Company

When you think of modular homes, the stereotypical design would not lead one to believe this home is a “modular home.”

From breathtaking views and grand en`trances to on-site staff quarters, this home definitely exceeds design expectations.

The highest quality imported stone and wood finishes, exquisite plastering and painting, the grand vistas, along with the incredible structural integrity offered by the modular construction system, provides a beautiful and exceptionally structurally sound project.

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